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Acronym Finder
APA: Formatting and Style Guide
Ask Oxford: Oxford Dictionaries
The Awesome Highlighter: Highlight text on web pages
Babelfish: Translation Service
The Biography Maker
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
The Book of Cliches
The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary
Common Errors in English
Confusing Words
Creative Writing for Teens: Fiction Writing- About.com
Every-Day Edit
Expo Writing Resource Center
Fiction Writing: About.com
Flat Stanley Project-Based Unit: Intel in Education
Focusing on Words
Grammar Bytes
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Guide for Writing Research Papers: MLA
HyperGrammar: University of Ottawa
The Internet Acronym Server
Journaling: Student and Teacher Activity Banks
KidWorld Keypals
KnightCite: Citation
Linguistic Fun Page
Logos Homepage: Multilingual E-Translation Portal
Merriam-Webster Online
Merriam-Webster Wordcentral
MLA: Modern Language Assoc.- Formatting & Style Guide
The New Plagiarism: Jamie McKenzie, From Now On
OneLook Dictionary
Online Writing Lab (OWL): Purdue
Pic-Lits: Inspired Picture Writing
Plagiarism Stoppers: How to Identify & Prevent Plagiarism
The Purple Crayon: Writing/ Illustrating/ Publishing
Safe Assign: My Dropbox
The Scoop: Stop Online Plagiarism
SpellWeb: Clear Ink
Stop and Go: PBS Write A Story
Web English Teacher: Writing Resources
Wordle: Create Word Clouds
Words: Grammar- BBC Skillswise
Wordsmith: Anagrams
Words@Random: Sensitive Language
Writesite: CUNY- City University Of New York
Writing Fix: Interactive Writing Prompts and Lessons
Writing Wizard: Make Handwriting Worksheets
Young Author Page: Aaron Shepard
Young Writer'sClub
Zaner Bloser: Handwriting, Composition
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