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Accelerated Reader: Article and Presentation
Atomic Learning: Web Based Software Training
California Learning Resource Network
Canvastic: Drawing Programs
Children's Software Online
Children's Tech. Review: Software/Hardware Reviews
Course Technology
Educational Software Publishers
Educational Resources
Eisenhower Clearinghouse
Equal Access to Software and Information (EASI)
FileMaker 9 Video Tutorials
FrontPage Resources
Enchanted Learning Software
Internet4Classrooms: Technology Tutorials
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy: Spreadsheets
Jay Arraich's Photoshop Elements Tips
Laureate Learning: Special Needs Software
Learning Electric: Microsoft 2000 and HTML Tutorials
Learningware Reviews
Lee's Summit Tutorials: Tech and Instruction Interwoven
Multi Media and Internet@schools: Resources/Reviews
The Resource Network: Quick Source Guides
Scholastic Software
The Smithsonian Computer History Collection
Snag-It Basics: Taking Screenshots
Software Review, Software Use, Technology Integration
StoryboardPro: Atomic Learning- Free
SuperKids Software Reviews
Technology Tutorials on the Web: Internet4Classrooms
Tom Snyder Productions/ Scholastic
Training Tools: Photoshop 6
WinPlanet: Software Downloads and Reviews
Workshop Books- Janet Caughlin
Inspiration: Graphic Organizer- Grades 6-12
ABC's of The Writing Process- Concept Mapping, plus
Atomic Learning: Inspiration 7.5
Atomic Learning: Inspiration 8
Graphic Organizers: Enchanted Learning
Graphic Organizers: Resources- Lee's Summit Schools The Graphic Organizer
Houghton Mifflin: Graphic Organizers
Inspiration 8: Quick Source Guide
Inspiration/Kidspiration Resources
Inspiration Tutorials and Resources
Inspiration Lessons and Modules
Inspiration Software, Inc.: Official Inspiration Site
Inspiration Templates
Inspiration Training PowerPoint Presentations
Internet4Classrooms: Inspiration
Introduction to Inspiration
Learning Electric: Inspiration 7 Tutorial
Learning to Use Inspiration in Your Classroom
Learn With Tech: Graphic Organizers/ Inspiration: Samples
Online Technology Tutorials: Inspiration
SCORE Graphic Organizers
Teacher Printables: Graphic Organizers
Teachers Using Inspiration: Lakeland Schools
Vicki Blackwell's Inspiration Guide: Samples, Hints
Visual Learning: Brainstorming, Webbing
Kidspiration: Graphic Organizer- Grades K-5
Atomic Learning: Kidspiration 3
Examples and Templates: Kidspired Tales
Global Classroom: Kidspiration Templates
Inspiration/Kidspiration Resources
Inspiration Software, Inc.: Official Kidspiration Site
Kidspiration 3 Quick Source Guide
Kidspiration Activities
Kidspiration Activities K-5 PlusVocabulary Activities
Kidspiration Activities and Resources
Kidspiration Collections: North Canton, Ohio Schools
Kidspiration in the Classroom: Created by Teachers
Kidspiration McGraw Hill Connections: PreK through Gr.2
Kidspiration Resources: Oswego Schools
Kidspiration Resources and Templates
Kidspiration Tutorial
Kidspiration Tutorials and Resources
Technology Tutorials: North Canton, OH Schools: Kidspiration
Transforming Teaching Through Technology: Jordan Schools
Vicki Blackwell's Kidspiration Guide
Essential Microsoft 2003 Tutorials for Teachers: B. Poole
Essential Microsoft 2007 Tutorials for Teachers: B. Poole
Microsoft in Education
Microsoft Templates
MS Office 2000 Tutorials
Technology Tips: MS Office, Windows, Etc: Marilyn Western
Microsoft Excel
Basic Excel Tutorial: University of South Dakota
Excel 2000, 2003, and 2007 Resources: Lee's Summit Schools
Excel 2000 Tutorial: Florida Gulf Coast University
Excel Links and Resources
Excel Tutorial: University of Rhode Island
MS Excel Tutorial/Formulas: Clemson Physics Laboratory
Microsoft Excel 2007 Training: Baycon Group
Microsoft Excel Available Chart Types
Microsoft Excel Tutorials
Mr. Excel: Tips and Solutions for Excel
The Spreadsheet Page
Microsoft PowerPoint
Author Stream: Share PowerPoint Presentations On The Net
Brainy Betty- Free PowerPoint Templates For Teachers
Classroom Activities: PowerPoint
CodeJam: Photo Slideshow Software- MemoriesOnTV4
Create a Design Template
Creating Classroom Presentations- Education World
Epson Presenters Online: Presentation Tips
Free PowerPoint Templates- Sonia Coleman
Indezine PowerPoint Templates
Interactive PPT2003 to PPT2007 Command Reference Guide
Internet4Classrooms: PowerPoint References
Introduction to PowerPoint 2003
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy: Presentations
Locations of PowerPoint 2003 Commands in 2007
Math Games and Activities Created with PowerPoint
Math PowerPoint Presentations- Model Schools
Math Slide Shows: Easy As Pi- Jim Wenk
Microsoft Design Slides
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
OWL Writing Presentations- Purdue
Presentations for Teachers- Registration Fee
PowerPoint 97- Oregon State University
PowerPoint 2003 Quick Source Guide
PowerPoint 2003 Solution Center
PowerPoint 2007 Quick Source Guide
PowerPoint 2007 Solution Center
PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial: Florida Gulf Coast University
PowerPoint Activities:Fayette County, KY- Games, etc
PowerPoint ESL Resources- Jenifer Zalaquett
PowerPoint Games- Jefferson County, TN
PowerPoint Games: Leanna Prater
PowerPoint Greenhouse: Templates
PowerPoint in the Classroom
PowerPoint Links and Resources
PowerPoint Presentations: Capital Com. College, CT
PowerPoint Templates from Microsoft
PowerPoint Templates, Links, Sounds, Games- Swadley
PowerPoint Viewer 2007
Presentation Helper: Templates
Rutgers Writing Program: PowerPoint
Scoring PowerPoints: Jamie McKenzie
Self-Running PowerPonts
Teacher Created Presentations: Jefferson County, TN Schools
Teacher Templates: Vicki Blackwell
Technology Integration: PowerPoint- Lee's Summit, MO
Template Ready- Free PowerPoint Templates
Templates Made Simple
Thousands of Free PowerPoints
World of Teaching: Free PowerPoint Presentations
Microsoft Word
Creating Web Pages With Word
How to Use Microsoft Word
International Keystrokes for MS Word Symbols
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2003: Sabeera Kulkani
Microsoft Word 2000 Tutorial
Microsoft Word 2003 Helps and How Tos
Microsoft Word 2003/2004: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Microsoft Word 2007 Training: Baycon Group
Microsoft Word Tips and Tutorials
MS Word 200, 2003, 2007 Resources: Lee's Summit Schools
QuickWeb Training & Resource Site: Create a Web Page in Word
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