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Astronomy/Space, Earth Science,

Energy, Life Science, Paleontology,

Physical Science, and Weather
Astrophysics: Stars, The Universe, Space
Amazing Space: Web-Based Activities
Arty the Part-Time Astronaut
Astronaut Biographies
Astronomy for Kids
The Aviation History Online Museum
BBC: Earth, Sun and Moon
Chabot Space & Science Center: Virtual Planetarium
Constellations and Their Stars
Earth and Moon Viewer
Earth From Space
Educational Guide to Space and Astronomy
Enchanted Learning: Zoom Astronomy
Mount Wilson Observatory: Virtual Tour
National Air and Space Museum: The Smithsonian
National Space Society
The Nine Planets: Multimedia Tour of Solar System
Segway: Science Education Gateway
Sky & Telescope Home Page: Online Magazine Space News Stories
Space Day
Space Links: Zwolle Elementary School
Space Today Online
StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
StarDate Online: Solar System Resources
Microsoft Research Maps
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Views of the Solar System
Welcome to The Planets
Wright Again: Wright Brothers
Challenger Center: Challenger Learning Community
Drive the Mars Rover
Hubble Site: NASA
Imagine the Universe: NASA
International Space Station
Mars Exploration Program: NASA
NASA Constellation Program
NASA Education
NASA Homepage
NASA Kids Science News Network
NASA Learning Technologies
NASA PlanetQuest
NASA Quest Programs
NASA Solar System Exploration
NASA Space Place: Games, Animations, and Projects
Sally Ride Science
Earth Sciences
American Geological Institute
Critical Ecoregions Program: Sierra Club
Drinking Water: The Water Cycle at Work
Earthguide: Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Earthquakes for Kids: U.S. Geological Survey
Earth Science Explorer
Earth Systems: Earth Floor Field Guides
EPA and Ozone Depletion
Exploring Earth: The World of Earth Science
Exploring The Environment: NASA
Garbage: Community Recycling
Kids for a Clean Environment: Kidsface
Microsoft Research Maps: Aerial and Topo Maps
Mineral Gallery: Descriptions, Images and Specimens
National Data Buoy Center: Waves West. Hemisphere
NOAA Education Resources
Ocean Planet: Smithsonian
Planetpals: Earth, Nat. Resources, Ecology, Recycling
Savage Earth: Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Scorecard: Chemical Pollution Information
Secrets of the Ocean Realm
Seismological Lab
USDA for Kids: Environmental Information
U.S. EPA Student Center
U.S. Geological Survey: Science Education
Volcano Field Trip
Volcano World: Rocky Volcano, Interactive Activities
A Walk in the Woods: Virtual Tour
Waste Reduction and Recycling: Interactive
The Wilderness Society: Environmental Issues
The American Coal Foundation
American Petroleum Institute
American Solar Energy Society
American Wind Energy Association
Control the Nuclear Power Plant Demonstration
Energy Information Administration’s Kids’ Page
Geothermal Energy Association
KidWind: Energy Education
National Hydropower Association
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Natural Gas Supply Association
The NEED Project: Putting Energy Into Education
Nuclear Energy Institute
Ocean Energy: Electric Power Research Institute
Propane Education and Research Council
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Energy Biomass
Life Sciences
Active Science: Human and Animal Habitats- GlaxoSmithKline
African Primates at Home
Animal Diversity Web
Animal Planet: Discovery Channel
Animal WebCams at the National Zoo: The Smithsonian
Arbor Day Foundation
ASPCA'S Animaland
Bat Conservation International
Beekeeper's Homepage
BioEd Online: Biology Resources
The Biology Corner
Biology in Motion
The Biology Project: University of Arizona
Bioluminescence: Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Biomes and Ecosystems
Bugs in the News: Bacteria, Antibodies, etc.
Cats: Plans for Perfection
Cells Alive!
The Columbus Zoo
Conservation International
Desert USA: Animals
Dissection Guides: Home Science Tools
EcoKids Online
The Electronic Zoo
Embryology: Incubating and Hatching Eggs
EPA Environmental Kids Club: Plants and Animals
Eureka Science: Genes, DNA
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Food Chains: Planet Pals Demo- subscription
The Great Plant Escape
Human Anatomy Online
Human Genome Project
The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide
Kids Planet: Endangered Animals
Microbe Zoo: Michigan State University
Monarch (Butterfly) Watch
Nanoworld: Materials Science for K-12
National Geographic For Kids
National Park Service
National Wildlife Federation for Kids Science and Medicine
Nature's Classroom
Neuroscience for Kids: Explore Brain and Spinal Cord
Oceanic Research Group
Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab: The Ohio State University
Population Growth and Balance
Rain Bird Rain Forest Curriculum for K-8
Rainforest Action Network
Rainforest Alliance: Endangered Species
Roots and Shoots: Jane Goodall Institute
San Diego Zoo
Save The Tiger Fund: Ntnl. Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Sea Turtles For Kids
Sea World: Animals
Sierra Club: Environmental Issues
Switcheroo Zoo
Top Science: Science Teacher Source
Virtual Frog Dissection
The Virtual Zoo: The Big Zoo
Welcome To Whale Net: In Four Languages
Yuckiest Site On The Internet
Life Science- Cell Mitosis
Cell Cycle and Mitosis Tutorial: University of Arizona
Cells Alive: Animal Cell Mitosis
Interactive Mitosis Tutorial
Mitosis Animation
American Museum of Natural History
Children's Museum of Indianapolis: Kinetosaurs
Cleveland (Ohio) Museum of Natural History
Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur Illustrations
Dinosaurs For Kids
The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL
Kids Habitat: San Diego Natural History Museum
Museum of Paleontology: UC at Berkeley
Zoom Dinosaur: Hypertext Book About Dinosaurs
Physical Sciences: Chemistry, Physics
Amusement Park Physics
The Atoms Family
Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source: Microworlds
Chalkbored: Chemistry PowerPoints
Chem 4 Kids
EdHeads: Simple & Compound Machines, Crash Scene
Essential Science for Teachers: Physical Science
Exploring the Nanoworld: Atoms and Molecules
The Bubblesphere
Einstein's Big Idea: Articles, Interactives, Resources, Links
Elements Games
Fizzics Fizzle
Georgia Tech: Center for Ed. Integrating Sc., Ma. and Computing
Guide to Physics on the Web
Interactive Periodic Table of Elements
The Large Hadron Collider: Scientific American
Little Shop of Physics
Liquid Nitrogen Experiments: Frostbite Theater
Optics for Kids
Periodic Table of the Elements: Los Alamos Ntnl Laboratory
Physics 2000
Physics Central
The Physics Classroom Tutorial
Physics Is Phun: Thinkquest
Robot Information Central
Science is Fun: Chemical Demonstrations
The Science of Sound: Franklin Institute
Science, Optics & You
Soda Constructor: Engineering with Soda Straws
Strange Matter: The Science of Everyday Stuff
What is Chemistry?- American Chemical Society
Zona Land: Education in Physics and Mathematics
The Aurora Page: Pictures, Links
AWS WeatherBug: Weather and Forcast Information
Columbia University Climate Data Library
Current Weather Maps
Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
Droplet and the Water Cycle: NASA
EdHeads: Weather
El Nino Theme Page
Extreme Weather & Climate Events
FEMA for Kids: Federal Emergency Management
Hurricane Hunters Association
Hurricanes Field Trip
Hurricane Track
Meteorology: Online Guide
NOAA Weather Radio
Tornado Field Trip
USA Today Weather
The Water Cycle: Drippy the Raindrop
The Water Cycle: EPA
Weather Bug Schools
The Weather Channel
Weather Dude: Weather Resources
Weather Wiz Kids
Weather World: Penn State University
Access Excellence Resource Center
Active Science: Interactive Modules- GlaxoSmithKline
Anywhere Science and Math Activities
Bill Nye: The Science Guy
The Black Hole Gang: Links to Science Sites
Brain Pop: Educational Content for Science and more
Building Big: Construction, Engineering
Center of Science and Industry (COSI)
Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Cleveland (Ohio) Metroparks Zoo and Rainforest
CNN's Sci-Tech Page
Cool Science
The Discovery Channel
Dragonfly: Inquiry-Based Science
eHow: How To Do Just About Everything
The Exploratorium: San Francisco Children's Museum
Exploring Leonardo
FossWeb: Interactive Science Activities/Resources
Great Lakes Science Center
Home Science Tools
How Stuff Works
Invention Dimension
Just For Kids: University of Illinois
Lawrence Hall of Science: Online Activities
Life, The Universe and Everything
Live Science: Science News for Secondary Students
Mad Sci Network: Scientists Answer E-Mail
Magic Schoolbus: Science Experiments and Resources
MidLink Science Links
Museum of Science: Boston
National Inventors Hall of Fame
National Science Foundation Home Page
National Science Teachers' Association (NSTA)
National Student Research Center
Naval Research Science and Technology Focus
New Scientist The Complete Idiot's Guide To Books
PBS Nova Online
Robotics: Sensing, Thinking, Acting
Science a Go-Go: Online Science Articles
Science Daily: Latest Research News
Science Direct
Science Education Gateway: Lessons
Science Fair Central
Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Science Friday
Science Made Simple: Science Fair Projects- Examples, Methods
Science Net Links
Science News Online
The Science Spot
Scientific American Frontiers
Scientific American Magazine Online
Scientific Biography: Eric Weisstein
Sea and Sky: Ocean and Astronomy Resources
Smithsonian Education: Science and Nature
Wanna 350 Categories of Online Tutorials
What Is?- IT Encyclopedia, Definitions
The Why Files
Zoom Inventors and Invention
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