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American Civil War,
Geneology, and
Washington D.C.
20th Century History
AdAccess: Sales, Advertising and Marketing History
The Aerodrome: Aces & Aircraft of WWI
African American Mosaic: Black History and Culture
Alterna Timelines: History, Culture, Science, Arts
The American Memory Page: Library of Congress
America's Story from America's Library
Ancient City of Athens
Ancient Greeks
Ancient History Sourcebook
Any Day Page: Historic Events and Birthdates
Archiving Early America
Battle Lines: Audio Letters from America's Wars
Benjamin Franklin
Best of History Web Sites
Big Apple History: From New York to Your Town- PBS
Biographical Dictionary
Biography: Searchable Index of Over 20,000
The Brighter Side of History: Historical Calendar
Charters of Freedom: Historic Documents
Colonial Williamsburg
Conversations with History: Video Interviews
CyberLibrary of The Holocaust: Grades 4-12
Decoding Nazi Secrets: Nova Online
Digital History: Famous Historic Speeches
Digital History: Multimedia Resources
Discoverers: Explorers by Period or Region
Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy: Yale University
Edison National Historic Site
eHistory: The Ohio State University
Ellis Island Foundation, Statue of Liberty
Experiencing Wars: Stories- The Veteran's History Project
Exploring Leonardo da Vinci
Eyewitness History: Personal Letters and Essays
Find a Grave: Millions of Cemetery Records
First Gov for Kids: History
George Washington: A National Treasure
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
GoWest Across America with Lewis and Clark
The Great Chicago Fire
The Great War: WWI
Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
Historical Documents
Historic Figures: BBC
History Channel Online
The History of Costume
History eSearch.com: K12 Lesson Plans and Activities
History of the Monarchy: United Kingdom
A History of Photography
The History Net: Western and Military History
The History Place: Resources, Homework Help
Holocaust Encyclopedia
Images of American Political History
The Internet African American History Challenge
Learning at the British Museum
Lewis & Clark
Liberty: The American Revolution
Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. and African-American History
Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline
Mathew Brady's Portraits
Mayflower History
Middle Ages
Museum of Living History: Achiever Gallery
Ntnl Register of Historic Places: Teaching with Historic Places
NetSerf: Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
New Perspectives on The West
Ohio Historical Society
On This Day
The Oregon Trail
Our First Newspapers
PBS.org: History
Slave Stories
Spanish American War
A Splendid Little War: Spanish-American War
Time Capsule: On This Day
Time Magazine 100 Poll: Top 100 People-20th Century
Time Magazine 2008: Top 100
The Underground Railroad
This Day in History
Time-Life Pictures: Visions of History
Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
War of 1812
WestWeb: America West Resources
World History Archives
WW II: Information, Atomic Bomb
WWWorld of Archaeology
American Civil War
American Civil War
The American Civil War
American Civil War Home Page
American History 102: Civil War to the Present
Blue & Grey Magazine
Civil War Battlefield Medicine: The Ohio State Univ.
Civil War Battle Summaries by Campaign
Civil War.com
Civil War Crossroads
Civil War Homepage
Civil War Poetry and Music
Civil War Preservation Trust
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors
Civil War Women: Primary Sources
Eyewitness to History: The American Civil War
Search Beat: Civil War Timeline and History
Cyndi's List of Geneology Sites on the Internet
Daughters of the American Revolution: Geneology Database
Ellis Island Foundation: Geneology Records
Family Search
Family Tree
Geneology.com: A Directory of Related Sites
Geleology Learning Center
Geneology Links.net
National Obituary Archive
Obituaries 101
PBS: African American Lives
Yahoo Family Search Links
Historical Fieldtrips: Washington, D.C. and more
Arlington National Cemetery
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Camera Over Washington: Aerial Views of The Nation's Capitol
The Capitol
The Capitol Project
D.C. Pages
District of Columbia: Interactive Map
The District: Tourist Information
ExploreDC: America's Capital
Gettysburg: National Military Park
Gettysburg: National Park Service
The Holocaust Memorial Museum
International Spy Museum
Jefferson Memorial
Korean War Veterans' Memorial
Library of Congress
Lincoln Bicentennial: Learning About Lincoln
Lincoln Memorial
Montecello: Jefferson's Home
Mount Vernon
National Air & Space Museum: Smithsonian
The National Archives
The National Mall
National WWII Memorial
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
RefDesk: Historical Information Resources
Scrolls From the Dead Sea
The Smithsonian Institute
The Supreme Court of the U.S.
Symbols of U.S. Government: Statues and Memorials
U.S. Capitol Virtual Tour
The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center
The U.S. GenWeb Project: Free Geneology Sites
The U.S.Mint: Department of the Treasury
Virtual Tour of Washington, D.C.: D.C.Pages
Virtual Tour of Washington, D.C.: Georgia Tech.
Washington, D.C. Homepage
The Washington Monument
The Washington National Cathedral
Washington, D.C. WebCam: Washington Post
Washington, D.C.: Wikipedia
The White House
World Atlas: Washington, D.C.
Yahoo: Washington, D.C. Buildings and Monuments
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