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Access Excellence: The National Health Museum
Activity Calorie Calculator: Fitness Partner
Aetna InteliHealth: Partnered with Harvard Medical School
American Association for Health Education
The American Dental Association
The American Diabetes Association
American Dietetic Association: Eat Right
American Geriatrics Society: Health Care for Older Americans
The American Heart Association
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Anatomy Arcade
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BAM: Body & Mind- Centers for Disease Control
Band-aides and Backboards: Medical Challenges
Best Bones Ever: Good Nutrition & Exercise for Girls
Bike Safety: The Police Notebook
Breast Cancer Awareness Page
Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids
CDC Injury Center
Cells Alive!
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC
Center for Science in the Public Interest
The Cleveland Clinic: Health Information
Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections
Dairy Council: Healthy Eating Made Easier
dLife: Diabetes Resources
EdHeads: Virtual Surgery
Education Planet: Health
Education World: National Health Standards
Encyclopedia of Children's Health
The Fitness Jumpsite
FBI: Kids Page- Safety Related Information
First Aid and Safety
First Grade Plus: Drug Prevention
Food Guide Pyramid: Kids Health
Food Insight: Nutrition and Food Safety
Healthfinder: Prevention Information
The Green Squad: School Environment & Health
Health Observances & Recognition Dates- Pam Pohly
Health Teacher: Lessons
Healthy Schools- Healthy Youth
Healthy Teeth: Oral Health Education Database
The Heart: An Online Exploration
The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America- PBS
Human Anatomy Online
Infection, Detection, Protection: Infectious Disease
It's My Life: Kid's Resources on Life
KIDDE Home Safety Foundation
Kidd Safety
The Lancet: Student
Learn To Be Healthy
Let's Learn About Your Heart: Interactive
Mayo Clinic: Tools for Healthier Lives
Medicine Net
MedLine Plus: National Institutes of Health
Merck Manual
National Center for Health Statistics
National Health Education Standards: American Cancer Society
National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
National Institutes of Health
National Safety Council
Net Wellness: Consumer Health Information
Neuroscience For Kids
NSBA School Health Programs
Nutrition Explorations
Ohio Pandemic Flu
Real Age
Red Cross
Rx List: Internet Prescription Drug Information
Safe Kids USA: Preventing Accidental Injury
St. Jude Children's Hospital
The Tooth Fairy
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
US FDA Kids Home Page
US Fire Administration for Kids: Fire Safety
US Food & Drug Administration: FDA
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Wash Up!: Clean Hands Campaign
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