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Alterna Timelines: Cultures, History, Science, Arts Telling America's Story
American Folk
Anthropology on The Internet for K-12
Asia Society: Education and Learning
Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall? : Annenberg
Cultural Studies Central
The Encyclopedia Mythica: Myths From Diff.Cultures
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Foreign Language and Culture
History Wiz: The Ancient World
Native Web: Indigenous Peoples All Over the World
POPClocks: U/S. and World Population
South East Asian Images and Texts Project
Symmetry & Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
Webrangers: National Park Service Online Activities
What Is Culture?
World Myths and Legends in Art
African Culture
African American Mosaic: Black History and Culture
African Kingdoms: Primary Sources
African Studies Center: Univ. of Pennsylvania
The History of Africa
In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience
The Internet African American History Challenge
Living Africa
Wonders of the African World
Amish Culture
Amish Baskets, Quilts, Dolls & Crafts
Amish Baskets
Amish Cross Stitch Designs
Amish Quilts
Diane Graebner: Artist of the Amish
Quilt Coloring Book
Wendell August Forge: Berlin, Ohio
Amish Folkart: Hex Signs
Design and Paint Your Own Hex Sign
Design Your Own Hex Sign
Jacob Zook and the History of Hex Signs
KinderArt Lesson: Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs
Pennsylvania Dutch Traditions & Crafts
What Do The Hex Signs Mean?
Amish Food
Amish Recipes
Amish Recipes
Heini's Cheese Factory
J.M. Smuckers
Nancy's Kitchen Amish Recipes
Amish History & Beliefs
The Amish: Beliefs, Practices & Conflicts
Behalt: Mennonite Information Center
Amish Life
Amish Heartland
The Amish, The Mennonite, and The Plain People
Holmes County: Amish Country Ohio
Lancaster County: Amish Country Pennsylvania
Lehman's Hardware
Puzzles & Quizzes on Amish Life
Amish Buggy Scrambled Image Puzzle
The Amish Farming Game
Amish Origins Trivia Quiz 1
Amish Origins Trivia Quiz 2
Amish Word Puzzle 1
Amish Word Puzzle 2
Ancient China
All About The Great Wall of China: Enchanted Learning
Ancient China: The British Museum
Ancient China For Kids
China's Age of Invention
Sagwa: PBS Kids- Chinese Culture
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Papyrus
Egypt's Golden Empire
Guardian's Egypt
Hatshepsut: Great Female Pharoah of Egypt
Pyramid Cam
Virtual Fieldtrip to Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient City of Athens
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greeks
Ancient Greece For Kids
Ancient Greece: The British Museum
Ancient Greek Cities
The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
Ancient India
Social Studies For Kids: Ancient India
Ancient India: Indus Civilization
Ancient India: The British Museum
The Caste System
Harappa: The Indus Civilization
Welcome to India
Ancient Near East
The Babylonian Civilization
The Code of Hammurabi
Mesopotamia: Assyria, Babylonia, Sumer
The Sumerians: Macrohistory
Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome: History For Kids
Julius Caesar
Hispanic Culture
Hispanic History in the Americas
Latin American Studies
Latinos in History
Mexico Pre-Columbian History
Ellis Island: Interactive Tour
The New Americans: PBS
Read, Write, Think: Anne Moore and Ellis Island
Suffolk Web: Immigration
Medieval Europe
Build a Medieval Castle
Castles, Knights, and Armor
Life in the Middle Ages
Middle Ages
Native Americans
American Indians Tribes and Cultures
The Aztecs
Dee Finney Native American Housing
Edward S. Curtis's North American Indian: Northwestern University
Enchanted Learning: Native American Crafts for Kids
First People
Have Fun With History
Kid-Info: Native Americans
Learn About Native Americans
Mr. Donn: Native Americans in Olden Times
National Museum of the American Indian: The Smithsonian
Native American Crafts
Native American Records at the National Archives
Native American Sites
Native North America: Minnesota University
Native Tech: Native American Technology and Arts
North American Tribes Chart
PBS Video: Circle of Stories: Native American Storytelling
PBS Video: Native Americans
PBS Video: We Shall Remain
Recipe Source: Native American Recipes
Social Studies for Kids: Native Americans
Teachers First: Corn Husk Doll
Timeline of Native American Legends
Wikipedia: Native Americans
World Religions Major World Religious Groups
Awesome Library: Religions of The World
Beliefnet: Information on Major World Religions
Islam: Empire of Faith
Major Religions of The World- Ranked by Size
Official Religious Denominations of the U.S.
Religion Facts: The Big Religion Comparison Chart
Religions of The World
World Religions: InfoPlease
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